Suspect in fatal downtown Pittsburgh shooting facing new charges related to SWAT situation

PITTSBURGH — A man identified as a suspect in a fatal shooting that occurred in downtown Pittsburgh is facing new charges.

Eighteen-year-old Erique Collington was arrested on Thursday after Pittsburgh police identified him as a suspect in a deadly shooting that occurred in downtown Pittsburgh.

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Police filed criminal homicide charges and several other gun-related charges against Collilngton on Thursday in relation to that shooting. A separate set of additional charges were filed on Saturday for a SWAT situation that occurred in December.

The SWAT situation began on Dec. 19 as police executed a warrant arrest on Brighton Road in Brighton Heights. The wanted person refused to exit the house and SWAT were called to the scene. Police say multiple people were inside the house at the time of the situation, including Collington.

Court documents show that 16 people were eventually hailed out of the house. Police say they patted down all of the people who were inside, including Collington, for firearms and evidence. Officers did not find anything on Collington’s person so he was released from the scene after giving officers his demographic information.

Two people with active arrest warrants were arrested from that scene on Brighton Road.

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Police searched the house on Brighton Road and found a loaded rifle in a dresser drawer. It was black and ran and had a dark green color grip.

Officers said Collington posted a video of himself dancing to a song while handling the same rifle police found in the house. The video also showed Collington loading the gun with the same ammunition that was in the weapon when it was recovered by officers. The gun seen in the video was also black and tan with a dark green color grip. The video was posted around three days before the SWAT situation.

Surveillance footage from inside the house, which was an AirBnB, showed Collington carrying the gun on multiple occasions and carrying it into the room where officers found it.

Police said they did not observe anyone else with the gun.

Collington is considered a person not to possess a firearm because he was adjudicated delinquent on July 22, 2021.

Collington is currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail. He has a preliminary hearing for both sets of charges on Jan. 27.

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