Suspect leads police on chase after surveillance camera captures alleged drug deal

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — Authorities in Wilkinsburg said they are searching for a man who fled officers after he was caught on camera selling drugs.

Wilkinsburg police Officer Mike Catanzaro, a 16-year veteran of the force, said was watching as Brian Ray II was selling drugs in the parking lot of a convenience store when his customer did something rarely caught on camera.


"She's handed a quantity of marijuana. She smells it, she has her friend smell it,” Catanzaro said.

Just as the alleged drug deal was being completed, officers responded to the scene and blocked in Ray’s vehicle. Police said he panicked and fled.

"He takes off, ramming the vehicle and nearly running over the passenger,” Catanzaro said.

In the process, Catanzaro said Ray pulled off the bumper of the responding patrol car and led officers on a 75 mph chase.

Residents who witnessed the chase pointed police to Ray’s path as the chase progressed and finally ended on Biddle Avenue.

Ray bailed out of the vehicle and remains on the loose, police said.

While the search for Ray continues, Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophelia Coleman said the surveillance cameras that she has installed across the city have already helped in other cases.

“They've helped our department tremendously. We've had a lot of luck with these cameras. They've helped us in a lot of investigations and have prevented a lot of incidences,” she said.

Anyone with information about Ray’s whereabouts is asked to contact Wilkinsburg police.