Swindell Bridge construction to begin amid supply chain issues

PITTSBURGH — The Swindell Bridge has now been closed over a month since the emergency closure in early July when materials like rock, sediment and liquid concrete came crashing down onto cars on the parkway north.

It’s been a major inconvenience for families in Perry South and Northview Heights. Channel 11 has now been told the city is working through some supply chain issues for repairs to the bridge, specifically, the drain trough.

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You’ll recall the drain trough filled with materials last month while crews were milling and paving. The trough split open and that’s when materials including concrete came down onto cars on the parkway north below.

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The city tells Channel 11 some repairs are slated to begin this week. Once the materials arrive for the repairs, crews will be able to finish up the milling and paving.

The city is hoping that within about a month the repairs will be complete.

Folks who live in Northview Heights tell Channel 11 they’re frustrated and the detour isn’t convenient, but they have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and so are the cars on the Parkway below.