Target 11: Principal at Pittsburgh Morrow preK-8 school placed on administrative leave

PITTSBURGH — The principal at Pittsburgh Morrow PreK-8 in Brighton Heights has been placed on administrative leave so that the district and school police can investigate new allegations.

The suspension has parents talking.

“Pretty angry, I’d be showing up at the school with a lot of different people,” said Charles Jester, a parent of a student at Pittsburgh Morrow.

Target 11 learned the principal was placed on leave Friday afternoon, so that the district can investigate allegations that he grabbed and pushed a student, resulting in the student being injured.

“There’s not enough information,” said Darrel Pritchett, who also has a student at the school. “It’s bad out here now, so it could happen both ways. They need to find out more, these kids are bad and teachers are bad too.”

Some parents don’t think administrative leave is enough.

“To still pay him to go home, hey, for a couple hours. I mean if I were to do that and show up at a school and say ‘hey, why you bullying my kid for?’ I’m going to get arrested, so why is he not in jail?” said Jester.

We reached out to Pittsburgh Public Schools for comment, and were given the following statement:

“The district is reviewing the allegations and will have no further comment, as it is a personnel matter.”

Stay with 11 News as Target 11 continues to monitor this situation.

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