Union Township residents evacuated from homes due to flooding

Whenever it rains heavily, Mingo Creek floods in Mingo Township.

The water came up so high Tuesday into Wednesday, it’s flooded several homes.

“You can see how their lawn goes down and it likes a pond around their house. I feel so bad for them,” said Jay Weekly, Union Township resident.

Weekley spent much of the morning trying to reach his parents. He was worried about them.

“It came up 18 inches around the trailer. It didn’t get in the trailer. I think everybody is safe here from that,” said Weekley.

His parents live just off Little Mingo Road near the fast-rising creek.

Weekley is relieved knowing they’re safe.

“My parents live in the trailer. We couldn’t get a hold of them. The phone line was out and my mom is on oxygen,” said Weekley. “They’re good. They’re always in good spirits. They’re stubborn. They didn’t want to go no where.”

His parents’ neighbors had to be evacuated from their mobile home.

Weekly says it’s a situation they’ve grown accustomed to during heavy downpours.

“We always get it and they get it the worst because its the lower point,” said Weekly.

Emergency crews rescued one family.

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