‘We’re gonna find her’: Search continues for missing woman presumed killed by boyfriend

CABOT, Pa. — In Cabot, Butler County, there was a second search for Darlene Harbison — who has been missing for two months and presumed dead.

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“We have five different townships that we’re going to try and cover today. Each of those townships is broken down to eight or nine areas,” Harbison’s sister, Betty Hoffman, said.

Hoffmann gave instructions to almost a hundred volunteers comprising family, friends and strangers before they went out to search for her sister, who has been missing since Sept. 11.

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“Just to bring some closure. That’s why I’m here. Did you know Darlene? No. Don’t know the family. I learned it off the news,” volunteer Dan Daurora said.

“We’re grieving and I would like any family would. We just want to bring her home and put her to rest. We’re moving on every day and we’re just trying to honor her. And try to bring her home,” Harbison’s cousin, Michael Christie, said.

The search, which was all on foot, began at the American Legion on North Pike Drive — and focused on an area where Harbison’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Gibbs, lived.

The first search centered around Harbison’s Frazer Township home.

Searchers were also told to be on the lookout for Harbison’s Suzuki motorcycle.

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Harbison’s brother, Bob Ruediger, and other relatives organized them.

“We are headed up north towards Worthington, where he is from and his family is up there. He knows the area; he knows the territory, so we have expanded more because our search down south come up empty-handed,” Ruediger said.

Allegheny County police say Harbison and Gibbs were involved in a volatile relationship.

Gibbs is believed to have killed Harbison, then hid her body, before taking his own life.

The family said they know Darlene is gone, and now they want closure.

“This is hard on the family and it takes a toll on you mentally and physically, on everybody. The expenses are adding up but we’re gonna find her, we’re gonna find her,” Ruediger said.

The family vows to keep searching for Darlene — but on a smaller scale.

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