Moving? Tips for setting up your technology in a new place

If moving in is half the battle, the other half might be troubleshooting technology in your new home.

With WiFi, experts say router placement is key, "we know that people are hiding routers in closets, under shelves and maybe under furniture," says Brianna Lafleur a Google technology expert.

Tucking away your router can lead to a spotty network and slower internet speeds.


Secure networks with a strong password and change the default passwords on any new devices, and in shared spaces like dorm rooms it is a good idea to physically secure your tech as well.

"You can actually get cable lock for the laptop, it acts like a bike cable lock," says Geek Squad agent, Derek Meister.

If you need help setting up those devices, Amazon offers home services with upfront pricing or if you run into problems Best Buy has a total tech support program for $200 a year that give you unlimited support.