Nalani Johnson Rule to amend Amber Alert law introduced at state level

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A bill named after the Penn Hills toddler who was abducted and killed last year Johnson was introduced to the Pennsylvania State Legislature this morning.

Its aim is to prevent another child’s death during an Amber Alert.

‘The Nalani Johnson Rule’ was signed by the speaker to the committee and has a total of 21 co-sponsors. The Chaffin Luhana Foundation has also started a petition about this proposal.

“There are so few issues in this country - there are so many things that are divisive - those issues that bring us together. This is one of them. That’s something we’re very hopeful about,” lawyer Eric Chaffin said.

Nalani Johnson was weeks away from her second birthday when she was allegedly abducted by an acquaintance of her father and murdered. Her body was found in a Blairsville park still strapped into her car seat.

“We’re going to continue to see these - the most vulnerable children those car seat children are the most important to protect. Those are exactly who we’re aiming to protect here,” Chaffin said.

The bill would also call for an expedited Amber Alert in rare abductions where a child is taken by a stranger or acquaintance. ‘The Nalani Johnson Rule’ is expected you have bipartisan support when the Pennsylvania State legislature returns to session in March.

Penn Hills Rep. Tony DeLuca is the bill’s main sponsor.

“We talked to the state police, we talked to the DA, found out we can probably can change the protocols and procedures,” he said. “The sooner we act on something like this, the better it is. Every second, every minute is very important.”