Poisonous, endangered frogs found being smuggled out of Colombia

VIDEO: Poisonous, endangered frogs found at airport

BOGOTA, Columbia — Police in Colombia's capital have recovered 216 poisonous frogs, some of which are critically endangered, from an airport bathroom shortly before authorities say they were going to be illegally trafficked for sale in Germany.

Authorities announced on Wednesday they'd found the frogs hidden in small film containers inside a bag filled with clothes. The rescued amphibians include endangered species like the dark orange and black Lehmann's poisonous frog.


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The creatures can fetch more than $2,000 each on the illegal wildlife market. They are sought after by collectors and others hoping to obtain their venom.

The frogs are typically found in Colombia's Choco department near the Pacific coast.

Investigators believe the amphibians were transported by land but have not yet determined who is responsible.