• Son begs dad not to call police on black man


    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - A California man who called police on a black man outside his San Francisco residence on the Fourth of July is now telling his version of the story.

    On Tuesday, Christopher Cukor identified himself as the man in a video shared by Wesly Michel that has garnered more than a million views. 

    In the video, a young boy cries and pleads with his father not to call the police on Michel -- who is black -- for "trespassing" in their building, but Cukor does anyway.

    In a statement posted on Medium, Cukor described his encounter with Michel. He said he did not intend to target Michel based on his race, and for that he was sorry.

    Cukor also said his own reaction was based on his history. His father was killed when he confronted a trespasser outside his home.


    As for Michel, a 35-year-old software engineer, he said he was just waiting for a friend who lives in the building.

    He said the incident "mirrors the experience that African Americans endure daily where we are questioned on whether we belong."

    Police did not appear to respond to the scene.


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