7 more residents test positive for COVID-19 at Westmoreland Co. nursing home

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Seven more residents have tested positive for COVID-19 at a Westmoreland County nursing home, according to a release from the Office of the Westmoreland County Commissioners.

There are now 54 confirmed cases among patients at Westmoreland Manor, and 22 staff members have also tested positive.

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All residents and staff that tested negative will continue to be retested every 3 to 7 days, according to the release. That will continue until there are no new cases of COVID-19 for at least two weeks.

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The Pennsylvania National Guard arrived at the nursing home Sunday morning to help control the outbreak. The guard has taken over COVID-19 testing so the employees who aren’t quarantined can get back to caring for patients.

Those who have tested positive are being confined to three of the nine units at the nursing home, which officials are referring to as “red zones.”