More than a dozen cats rescued from Westmoreland County home

Dozens of cats rescued from abandoned home in Westmoreland County

RUFFS DALE, Pa. — Crews rescued more than a dozen cats from an abandoned home in Westmoreland County, and they say it's shining a light on a growing problem.

According to Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue, concerned neighbors reported the problem.

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“People were concerned cats were in this property and they were getting hit by cars and it was overgrown with weeds," Becky Morrow said.

Neighbors said the people who used to live in the home moved out and left the cats behind.

Frankie's Friends was able to rescue 16 cats, but said there are even more.

“There were tiny 2-week-old kittens crying out for help, adult cats, kittens 8 weeks of age. We got as many as we could at the time," Morrow said.