• Defense rests case for Pittsburgh restaurateur accused of sexual assault


    PITTSBURGH - The defense team for former Pittsburgh restaurant owner Adnan Pehlivan has rested after one day of testimony.

    Pehlivan is on trial for allegedly stalking and sexually assaulting a woman he had met at a bar took the stand in his own defense Monday.

    The prosecution wrapped up its case Friday. The defense started its case Monday morning by calling a local doctor as a character witness who described Adnan Pehlivan law-abiding.

    Then Pehlivan took the stand. Pehlivan testified for nearly an hour, describing what happened the night in May 2018 night when he met alleged victim and her friends at Kopy’s Bar.


    Pehlivan told the jury he bought the women shots of cinnamon whiskey, then entertained them with magic tricks.  Pehlivan said he struck up a solo conversation with the alleged victim who he claims said she wanted to hook up later.  Pehlivan said the alleged victim told him to follow her home but not to let her friends know.  Pehlivan said he waited 15 minutes, then followed the women.  Pehlivan said he turned his lights off at times so that he wouldn't be seen. 

    Pehlivan said the alleged victim told him to enter through her basement door but when they entered her bedroom and began a sexual act she started repeatedly asking him who he was.  Pehlivan told jury the reminded her several times who he was and how they met and then left her house.  He told the jury that one minute she was one person the next she was a different person.

    Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning, and after that the jury is expected to receive the case.

    Channel 11 will be monitoring developments from the courthouse Tuesday. Download the WPXI News App for a breaking alert as soon as the verdict is reached.


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