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AHN holding COVID-19 booster shot clinic

PITTSBURGH — Allegheny General Hospital will be holding a clinic on the north side for those now eligible for the COVID-19 booster shot.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the boosters for people who are at an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission. That includes health care workers, people at least 65 years old and people 18-64 with underlying health conditions.

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Some patients told us that they feel a lot more protected now against the highly contagious delta variant.

“I feel good about it because I had covid we both had covid at the same time and its not a pretty picture,” explained Gloria Gressem.

Gloria Gressem and her husband were one of about 250 patients who got their COVID-19 booster shot during a clinic at Allegheny General Hospital on the north side.

We were there as clinicians administered doses to the newly expanded eligible groups.

“We are excited to offer booster doses today to that patient population where we started with our immune compromised patients a few weeks ago,” explained Arpit Mehta, an Allegheny health network pharmacist.

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Doctors say the booster should add extra protection and help prevent hospitalizations.

“Its really important for this population to receive the booster dose to bring that vaccine effective back up to 95 percent for the pfizer vaccine dose,” Mehta said.

The booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine is available for certain adults fully vaccinated by Pfizer at least six months ago.

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Doctors recommend it, especially as COVID-19 cases are rising in our area.

Allegheny General Hospital will be holding a clinic every Tuesday and Thursday, by appointment only, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., for those eligible for the Pfizer booster shot.

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