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‘All I saw were his feet’: linemen rush to save man pinned under car in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — It was Sunday evening along a quiet country road in rural Washington County when the silence was shattered by a crash.

“All I saw were his feet hanging out from underneath the front of the car,” Shelly Mikush said.

Her husband was tuning up his car when it fell, pinning him underneath. That’s when three linemen working nearby jumped to save him.

Mikush tried jacking the car back up, but she physically didn’t have the strength to do it. She called 911 but didn’t know what to do until first responders could get there.

“I started screaming bloody murder. All of the sudden, these three guys came out of nowhere, jumped out of the truck, jacked up the car and my husband took his first breath,” she said.

As soon as Frank Mikush was lifeflighted to a Pittsburgh hospital, the three men vanished.

“I want to find these gentlemen. My husband would not be here if these gentlemen did not show up,” Shelly Mikush said. “They’re my angels.”

Her husband is in the ICU with a fracture at the base of his skull. One arm is immobile and he has several broken ribs.

The family would love nothing more than to thank the three men who helped and got that chance Wednesday night. Vic Stefanik called it the right place at the right time.

“Ended up getting called to work overtime on the weekend,” he said. “They said a car fell on him. We got out, ran over and his face was purple.”

“It was very close timewise. I can’t thank them enough for starting the process. We were just here to finish the job,” said Bentleyville VFD Capt. Dominic Sicchitano.

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