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Allegheny Co. leaders say COVID-19 numbers stable despite students returning to school

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — Allegheny County health leaders said the recent COVID-19 numbers have remained stable despite a large number of students returning to school over the past few weeks.

The health department reported 73 new cases, while the percent-positivity has been around 7-9%.

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County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said they are testing less than 1,000 people per day for the coronavirus, and high schools and universities have been very cooperative -- especially concerning parents and sports.

“We’re getting reports around high school and youth sports with parents being very cooperative and wearing their masks, keeping social distance at the fields and venues in which their kids are participating,” he said.

Officials said their orders and guidance for businesses in Allegheny County are still in place, even after the federal judge’s ruling called part of Gov. Tom Wolf’s initial orders unconstitutional.

They also said there is a way for children to celebrate Halloween safely this fall during the pandemic.

In their weekly media briefing, health officials said that is because Trick-or-Treating is done outside where it is harder for COVID-19 to spread.

However, they are encouraging parents to take precautions, including making sure kids wear masks.

“I’d encourage people to go in smaller groups, again keeping your pods sort of smaller, less exposure. Keep physical distance, have hand sanitizer with you," said health director Dr. Debra Bogen.