Armed 73-year-old man shot, killed by police after pointing gun at troopers

Armed 73-year-old man shot, killed by police after pointing gun at troopers

RENFREW, Pa. — State troopers shot and killed a 73-year-old man Tuesday in Butler County after an hours-long standoff ended when he exited a home and pointed a rifle at police.

Pennsylvania State Police initially responded to the home before noon to assist with an armed man making threats to himself, others and law enforcement, according to state troopers.

Authorities identified the man as Walter Wiemann.

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Police were positioned outside the home for several hours while the man was barricaded inside. According to police, Wiemann threatened officers if they approached the building, and multiple efforts to contact him were unsuccessful.

"As we responded, we attempted to make contact by telephone," Trooper Dan Kesten said. "That was unsuccessful, so troopers staged in the area."

Just before 5 p.m., Wiemann left the home with a rifle and pointed it at troopers as they approached the house. At that point, a trooper opened fire and hit him at least once, state police said.

"The decision was made to approach the residence, and at that point, the troopers entered the driveway of the residence," Kesten said. "The individual was outside armed with a rifle. As the troopers entered the driveway, he raised the rifle, aimed it at the troopers."


Wiemann was flown to an area hospital, where he died.

Neighbors said Wiemann was a chemist, beekeeper and environmentalist. They said he was married and had children.

"It's a very, very stressful incident, a high-risk incident," Kesten said. "Any incident can be a high-risk incident ... At no time do the troopers want to have to use deadly force or any force against individuals. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary."