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Attorney for man convicted of killing wife with cyanide asking for new trial

Six years ago, a local woman died of cyanide poisoning and her husband was convicted in her murder.

Robert Ferrante was a researcher for the University of Pittsburgh -- now he is serving life in prison for the murder of his wife, Dr. Autumn Klein.

Klein was a neurologist for UPMC.

Ferrante was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Klein with cyanide back in 2014.

According to our partners at the Trib, Ferrante’s attorney just filed a 44-page amended petition with the court. Three experts claim the blood test results that were used to determine Klein’s cause of death were faulty and unreliable.

In July, Ferrante’s attorney filed the initial petition for his client to get a new trial, according to the Trib. Allegheny County judge Jeffrey Manning dismissed many of the claims in the petition and asked Ferrante’s attorney to provide further explanations in it.

The revised petition also questions the testimony from Klein’s mother and a friend during the trial.