• Badly injured dog picked up by Humane Animal Rescue passes away


    PITTSBURGH - UPDATE 6:05 p.m.

    A badly injured dog picked up by Animal Control in McGonigle Park has died.

    The dog, who was named Bruce by his rescuers, was found Monday with nearly half of his face missing.

    After undergoing surgery at an emergency veterinary center, the surgeons determined that because of the extent of his injuries, the best course of action was to put the dog down.

    Humane officers are still investigating where exactly Bruce came from and how he was so badly hurt.



    A gruesome case of dogfighting has been discovered in our area with injuries so intense, even seasoned veterinarians are taken aback.

    The pictures are so disturbing that Channel 11 has chosen not to show them without alterations.

    The injuries were likely caused by dogfighting and it's one of the worst cases local experts have seen.

    Half of the 2-year-old pit bull's face is missing.

    "It has no nose left, the poor thing. Its sinuses are half gone as well. Life moving forward is going to be difficult," said Dan Rossi, with Humane Animal Rescue. "Very consistent with what would be a dog fighting situation. These are very severe. These are very bad. We have seen lots of dogs with bite wounds to the face, but these ones are very deep, very severe."

    Someone found the dog wandering in McKees Rocks with no collar, microchip or way of identifying its owner.


    They called animal control and the Humane Animal Rescue began treating it Monday.

    Now, veterinarians are trying to figure out what steps to take next.

    "It’s going to be very touch and go the next 24 hours and we will determine what the best course of action is in the morning," Rossi said. "It really is a horrendous sport where animals not only are killed, but their life is torturous. It’s just terrible what these animals go through."

    The dog also has infections and broken bones in his face. Tuesday, veterinarians they will try to determine if they can reconstruct it.



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