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Bald eagles caring for two eggs in Pittsburgh’s Hays nest

PITTSBURGH — Two eggs have been laid in the bald eagle nest in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood.

The second egg arrived just after 4 p.m. Monday, according to the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. The first egg was laid on Feb. 11.

There is typically a 2-4 day span between eggs being laid, the Audubon Society said.

Now that eggs are in the nest, an adult bald eagle will stay on the nest constantly to incubate them, the Audubon Society said. The adult eagles will take turns so the nest is never left unattended.

The Hays bald eagles have been nesting on the same hillside since 2013.

You can watch the eagles live via a webcam set up at the Hays nest (CLICK HERE or watch below).

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