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Brawl involving as many as 20 people erupts outside Greensburg bar

GREENSBURG, Pa. — As many as 20 people were involved in a brawl outside a Greensburg bar early Wednesday.

“I’m glad nothing was broken. All our windows are intact,” said Jesse Ghrist with Hi Tech Vapors. “There was a scuffle outside of the bar, and it ended up rolling all the way down the street.”

Hi Tech Vapors is just feet away from Hugo’s Taproom, and Ghrist said their parking lot is where the fight ended.

Police said 24-year-old Tyler Griffiths is responsible for instigating the fight after he used slurs referring to people with mental disabilities. When he was confronted over the derogatory language by other bar patrons, Griffiths allegedly said, “Come outside and do something about it.”

“One of the girls actually stood up to him, told him to calm down a little bit. He got mad and put his hands on her. It escalated from there,” Ghrist said.

Investigators said three people were injured during the brawl, and Griffiths allegedly punched one woman three times. He also body-slammed and pushed her into a store window. She lost consciousness and was taken to a local hospital. Police said Griffiths also got some punches in on a man and, when officers arrived, they said chunks of the victim’s hair were hanging from his scalp.

Griffiths was able to run off before police could get to the downtown business district. He was eventually found, arrested and taken to jail. Police said he was drunk and, once he arrived, he started splashing toilet water all over officers.

“It’s Greensburg. Hopefully, it stays peaceful. It’s always been a peaceful town, but crazy things can happen. It’s a weird day and age we live in,” Ghrist said.