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Captured: Man who escaped from Beaver County Jail back in custody

BEAVER, Pa. — A man who escaped from the Beaver County Jail has been found and arrested, Channel 11 News confirmed Friday.

“I looked out the front door and saw all kinds of police coming to my neighborhood,” Kelly Piscopo said.

Piscopo knew 41-year-old John Broman was on the loose in the area, but she never thought he would be captured in her Hopewell Township neighborhood. Investigators tracked him to the subdivision just eight miles from the jail. He was pulled from the ceiling of a 3-story townhome.

Police had been looking for 41-year-old John Alister Broman since Thursday. He was not armed when he left the jail, but police still considered him to be dangerous.

“He was arrested for a domestic assault involving attempted arson. He was here at the Beaver County Jail to be booked and arraigned,” said Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier.

Lozier said Broman was in custody in plain clothes. Jail personnel were under the impression he was someone else and he walked right out the door.

“We’ve had some contractors coming in and out of the jail doing repair work. He got mixed up. Someone thought he was with contractors,” Lozier said.

Channel 11′s Amy Marcinkiewicz learned a team of police officers found Broman in Hopewell Township. They took him into custody and took him to a medical center to be evaluated.

Officials are working on filing new charges against Broman, including escape and breaking and entering.

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