• Car-sharing: The new way to make money that could soon cost you more


    New data shows that nearly half of American workers are earning extra income on the side, like renting out an expensive part of your life when you’re not using it.

    One that’s becoming more popular is car-sharing.

    A new survey found that nearly five out of 10 workers hold down another job to earn extra cash.

    But 34 states are looking at bills that would require companies that facilitate car-sharing to operate the same way as established rental car companies.


    Car-sharing companies are facing major resistance from the $30 billion a year car rental industry.

    "People who own cars and who don't really use them on a regular basis to be able to share them with others and earn money with their car," said Andre Haddad, CEO of Turo. "Earning around $500 a month from sharing their cars with other neighbors or travelers who are visiting their town."

    The company has been around for nearly a decade and currently has about 300,000 people listing their cars for rent.

    Turo's cut includes insurance for both the owner and renter and like other car-sharing companies, offers dream car experiences for those who just want to ride in style.


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