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Cardinal Donald Wuerl heckled during Sunday mass

WASHINGTON — The pressure continues for Cardinal Donald Wuerl to resign.

The archbishop was heckled during Mass Sunday in Washington, D.C., as he addressed allegations of sexual abuse by priests.

At Mass, Wuerl said the path forward involved a renewed commitment and that it must begin with the bishops.


"We need to hold close in our prayers and our loyalty to our Holy Father Pope Francis," Wuerl said. "Increasingly it is clear that he is the object of considerable animosity."

One congregant clearly didn't think that was enough, shouting, "Shame on you."

The cardinal did not acknowledge or respond to the heckler.

The troubles didn't end there for Wuerl.

A parishioner even turned her back on the cardinal, refusing to face him during Mass.

In a letter published last week, Wuerl asked priests to forgive what he called "errors in judgment" during his time in Pittsburgh.

He remains silent on calls for his resignation.