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Changes made to some turn signals in downtown Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — The city of Pittsburgh is changing some turn signals to make it safer for pedestrians and drivers, especially in the Grant Street corridor.

Changes have been made to leading left and lagging left turn signals. The difference between the two is that leading left signals show the left turn arrow at the beginning of a green light, whereas lagging left signals show the left turn arrow at the end of a green light.

Some of the signals have been changed where both directions of traffic have a left turn arrow on Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.

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Officials said the changes benefit drivers because it makes it easier for those going straight to get through the intersection. As for pedestrians, they get the walk sign and are likely to be out of the intersection before cars start turning left.

While it does take a bit longer for drivers turning left, the signal changes do not make a dramatic difference, according to officials.