• Couple facing child endangerment charges after failing to see doctor for infant


    WEST NEWTON, Pa. - A 7-day-old baby is in the hospital after police say her parents failed to get her proper medical treatment.

    Robert and Tiffany Aquilina are charged with felony child endangerment, but they told Channel 11 the allegations aren't true and they want their baby back.

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    “She should be with her mother the first week. I wake up every morning I can’t breastfeed her," Tiffany told Channel 11 on the phone.

    While the infant was at a pediatrician's appointment, when police say the doctor noticed that the child smelled like marijuana was underweight, and had a law body temperature. She told the parents they needed to take her to Children's Hospital immediatly or she would not survive the night.

    “If my baby would not make it through the night, I would’ve rushed her as soon as possible," Tiffany said.

    The pediatrician called police when she found out the baby was never taken to the hospital. 

    Police say the Tiffany, the child's mother, tested positive for heroin and marijuana, but she claims she doesn't do drugs.

    “I have no problem with social services coming and doing random drug tests, they can do whatever they want and nothing will come up in my system. Nothing. Just to take my child away like that, an infant that needs her family. It’s horrible," she said.




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