CMU develops COVID-19 contact tracing app

PITTSBURGH — A professor at Carnegie Mellon University has come up with a pretty simple way to help people get back to a more normal way of living.

The CMU team has developed a new coronavirus app called NOVID, which is free and available to download on your smartphone.

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CMU says the new technology will alert you to other people who have tested positive for COVID-19.

It’s currently in the beta testing phase but you can still download it on your phone.

Users would self-report if they have tested positive for coronavirus: no personal information is required.

NOVID can sense how close you are to someone else using NOVID. It then sends an alert to anyone who has self-reported as a positive case or to anyone who came into contact with someone who self-reported.

The app uses ultrasound technology to accurately follow people’s exposure rather than just using Bluetooth, as with some other apps .

CMU officials said if testing goes well this app could be crucial as everyone tries to return to normalcy in the months ahead.

CMU is now working to figure out how to further apply it on campus too.