Community helps woman recover furry friend after dog stolen during carjacking in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Christina and Jasmine Underwood said it’s been a wild week for them. Their 3-year-old Morkie, Steele Magnolia, was stolen in the East Liberty/Shadyside area.

The sisters said they immediately contacted police, who started investigating. They were able to watch a man steal their car and dog as it unfolded on surveillance video. Christine Underwood said she was working as a food delivery driver when it happened.

“We saw the whole thing happen and we saw me pull up. The guy was watching from a distance. We watched him watching me walk to my car,” said Christina Underwood.

With an idea of what happened, they took to social media to put the call out for help. Within a few days, leads started to pan out.

“I’m aware that someone is selling your dog on Facebook. He sends me screenshots of him being marketed as this lady’s dog and asking for $375,” Jasmine Underwood said.

The Underwoods said they got a tip that their dog and car were both in Homewood. With the power of social media, they were able to get in touch with the person who had bought the stolen dog without having any clue what happened.

On Sunday, Steele Magnolia was reunited with his owners.

“Getting this man back into this house was number one. Every day since he’s been gone I just wake up and search,” Jasmine Underwood said.

Police said they are still investigating.