Couple charged with faking birth, death of baby for gifts, money

Woman who went to police concerned friend was faking pregnancy speaks out

SOMERSET, Pa. — A young couple faked their pregnancy, birth and death of their baby, according to state police.

Police said Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang did it for gifts and money.

The Langs claimed to have given birth to a baby boy July 3, according to police, and even had a baby shower prior to then.

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Cynthia DiLascio thought she was being a good friend, organizing a baby shower for Kaycee Lang, despite her suspicions.

"You always have a gut instinct something isn't right and I felt that," DiLascio said.

DiLascio said two months from her due date, Kaycee Lang disappeared.

Police say pictures posted on social media showed a doll that looked like a newborn.

Geoffrey and Kaycee allegedly told police the baby died from respiratory distress syndrome, but when officers checked with the coroner's office, the hospital and the OB-GYN, there was no record for Baby Easton or Kaycee Lang.


The Langs also claimed the baby had been cremated at Hindman Funeral Home, but the funeral home denied that according to police.

During a search of the Langs' home, police discovered a lifelike baby doll and a personalized urn with the name Easton Walt Lang engraved on it.

Police said there was also a GoFundMe account made to help pay for funeral expenses; where the couple allegedly collected hundreds of dollars from family and friends.

GoFundMe released the following statement:

"This type of behavior is not tolerated on GoFundMe. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement officials during their investigation and we will issue full refunds to all donors."
"We have a zero tolerance policy for any misuse on the platform. All donors are fully protected by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means donors are protected by a comprehensive refund policy if misuse occurs. This campaign received 15 donations totaling $550."

Geoffrey and Kaycee are both charged with fraud and theft by deception.