• DA: Restaurant owner downloaded videos of similar attacks before woman's assault


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh restaurant owner charged with sexually assaulting a woman downloaded videos of similar attacks months earlier, the district attorney said Monday.

    Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan was in court Monday when, for the second time, Adnan Pehlivan was scheduled for a bond hearing and the district attorney presented new allegations that shook everyone, including the defense attorney and the judge.

    Pehlivan, who owns Istanbul Sofra on Forbes Avenue in Regent Square, is accused of breaking into a woman’s South Side home and sexually assaulting her.

    The assistant district attorney said police found downloaded videos on Pehlivan's cellphone that showed a man stalking a woman, then breaking into her home and raping her, which is exactly what he's accused of doing.

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    In late May, Pehlivan was in court and the district attorney showed surveillance video that allegedly shows him stalking the victim.

    The defense asked for bail to be set and for Pehlivan to get GPS monitoring, but the judge denied bond despite two dozen people being in court on his behalf.

    "Clearly you saw the number of people there, he has an awful lot of support in the community," said Jimmy Sheets, Pehlivan's attorney. "This is the second time we've had a bond hearing and the second time that the district attorney has blindsided me with information she has in her possession and didn't make the defense aware of."

    Police said Pehlivan downloaded the video in November.


    The judge said Monday that Pehlivan must stay behind bars because he's a danger to the community.

    Channel 11 also uncovered that Pehlivan's ex-wife had filed a Protection from Abuse order against him that he had violated. 

    His ex-wife filed the paperwork when he allegedly called her in January and said, "I'll be so happy when you die."



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