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Doctor sues to end ban on gun ownership for medical marijuana users

A Pennsylvania doctor is filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration to end the prohibition on gun ownership for state-sanctioned medical cannabis patients.

The doctor, who uses medical cannabis for treatment of PTSD, was denied a firearm to protect his family and he says it’s unconstitutional.

"The seller correctly said, 'Do you use marijuana?' The doctor correctly answered that he did. And the person at the store also correctly said then, 'I can't sell you a gun,'" attorney John Weston said.

Weston told Channel 11 over the phone today that his client, Dr. Matthew Roman, uses medical cannabis to treat his post-traumatic stress disorder. He calls the denial of a firearm unconstitutional.

"The federal government can't deprive a person of his constitutional right to own a gun based on the fact that he's certified to take medical marijuana under state law," Weston said.

Neither the NRA nor the Department of Justice responded to our request for comment.

Roman's attorney is expecting to hear from the Department of Justice within the next 30 days.


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