Dozens of motorcycles, dirt bikes disrupt traffic in Pittsburgh neighborhoods

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Drivers said traffic came to a halt late Monday afternoon when dozens of motorcycles, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles rode through several Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Robin Stanton was driving on Fifth Avenue in Oakland when traffic suddenly stopped in front of her.

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She was shocked to see the riders going in the wrong direction.

“I could see four-wheelers and motorcycles coming down the bus lanes in like all the lanes. I realized there was a lot more. It wasn’t an accident. They were going the wrong way,” she said.

Stanton shared a cellphone video, which her daughter took, as a group of about 100 motorcycles and dirt bikes took over the one-way street, traveling the opposite way of traffic, weaving and swerving around stopped cars.

“I figured it was another protest, but I wondered what they were protesting. They might’ve had something in the beginning. But what we saw — it was just a ton of people coming at us. I didn’t see any signs; they weren’t saying anything,” she said.

Pittsburgh police said they received multiple reports Monday about this group of riders across the North Side, Allentown and Oakland, but they didn’t have any more information on what exactly the riders were doing.

Police said there were no reports of damage in any area where the riders were spotted.