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Family frustrated after no arrests in landscaper’s shooting death in Penn Hills

PENN HILLS, Pa. — It’s been five months since Robert Higginbotham was shot and killed while doing landscaping work in Penn Hills.

Months after he was shot and killed, his mother, Temillia Demery, met us with her two grandkids by her side. She has custody of one of her son’s children.

“I want justice for my son. His kids deserve justice. They deserve to know what happened to their father, and why,” Demery said.

Back in June, Robert had just finished mowing a lawn at a home along Mount Carmel Road in Penn Hills. While he was getting back into his truck, someone shot him.

“I couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t do anything, but watch. I couldn’t even wipe the dirt of his face,” she added.

The day of the shooting, witnesses said the shooter fired at Robert multiple times.

Sources tell Channel 11, video from the scene shows the shooter running from the area. No one has been charged.

“[I have] absolute frustration with the DA’s office. I’m not understanding. There is a suspect, I do know that. There is evidence, a lot of evidence, Temillia said.

She’s hopeful the shooter may turn himself in.

“It will be found out. You’ll be arrested sooner or later, so just turn yourself in.”

We reached out to the District Attorney’s office about this case, and a spokesperson said to direct our questions to the Allegheny County Police Department.

A county police spokesperson said the case is still open.