Family seeking answers 10 years since Ross Township mom vanished

ROSS TWP., Pa. — This weekend will mark 10 years since a Ross Township mother vanished at the age of 30.

Jamie Peterson hasn’t been seen or heard from since Sept. 26, 2011.

“She would go through anything to be with us so I’m sure she wouldn’t just leave us like that,” said Daisy Peterson, Jamie’s daughter.

Daisy and her brother last saw their mom at their home on North Fremont Avenue as they were leaving for school. When they returned, Jamie’s car was still there, but she was gone.

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“It feels like it was just yesterday,” said Darlene Peterson, Jamie’s mom. “The heartache, and the wonder, has not changed.”

Police say the case is suspicious, and they continue to investigate.

“We have narrowed the case to some degree and have located some people that we think are possibly involved,” said Ross Township Detective Sgt. Brian Kohlhepp. “We have most of the puzzle pieces that we need but we’re just missing a few to finally bring this to justice so again, we’re asking anyone from the public, if you have any information or knowledge, we would love to hear from you.”

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“I know that they’re working hard on it, I’m very satisfied that it’s not a cold case, it’s not left unattended, they have reassured us in that,” Darlene said.

She and Daisy are also urging anyone with information to come forward, so they can finally get answers.

“I didn’t ever really expect it to be this long that we would be waiting on answers or waiting to find something, you know, or hoping that maybe one day she’d just show up and walk through our door,” Daisy said.

Darlene told Channel 11 she still holds onto hope that Jamie could indeed walk through their door, although she is confident that Jamie never would have left on her own volition.

“Jamie, we’re waiting, we’re still waiting for you, love you with all my heart and soul, your kids do and we’re here. We’ll always be waiting.”

You can reach Ross Township police detectives at 412-931-9070.

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