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Fayette County baby in intensive care after being found unresponsive, severely neglected

GEORGES TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A baby girl from Fayette County is in the intensive care unit at Ruby Memorial hospital, after being found unresponsive with no pulse and ice cold to the touch in her playpen.

Troopers in Uniontown arrested her father, 26-year-old Keith Kalbaugh, who told police that his daughter spends the majority of her time in the playpen, while he spends his time playing online computer games in his bedroom.

The baby had been sleeping and living in the playpen that first responders found her in. She was found naked, in just a diaper, surrounded by feces, decaying food, stains and dirt.

Doctors at Ruby Memorial say she was “filthy” and “emaciated” as a result of severe neglect. She is severely underweight, experiencing kidney failure, and multiple abrasions were found on her body.

Kalbaugh told authorities that the baby had slept in the playpen the last few nights, wearing nothing but a diaper.

Investigators say the conditions in the home were worse than the conditions outside, and that the floor was covered in trash, diapers, feces, toys, decayed food, dirt, and other unidentifiable items. A 3-year-old child was living there as well.

Channel 11 asked investigators about the baby’s mother, who has not yet been charged. Police say she was not living at the home.

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