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Flames spread to 3 homes, forcing 9 people out in Westmoreland County

VANDERGRIFT, Pa. — Three homes were damaged by a fire early Tuesday morning in Vandergrift, officials said.

Flames were first reported about 2 a.m. on Custer Avenue.

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Someone in one of the homes saw the fire and called 911 before getting out. Police were able to wake up the people in the other two homes.

The fire started on the porch off the first floor of the middle home, the entire front of which is now charred. Flames then started spreading to the neighboring homes.

Officials said seven adults and two children lived in the homes. No one was hurt.

The middle home was destroyed, fire officials said. Jaime Confer lived there and, while she lost everything, is relieved everyone is OK.

“I am eternally grateful. They were here quick. The local cops came really quick,” Confer said.

The other two homes will need repairs.

The American Red Cross is helping the people who were forced from their homes.