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Former Taylor Allderdice principal receives hundreds of holiday cards from alumni across the country

PITTSBURGH — Bill Fisher was the principal at Taylor Allderdice High school for 20 years, and after giving so much to his students, they’re now giving back to him.

“I just feel so humbled and blessed,” Fisher said.

Earlier this month, a graduate posted on the alumni Facebook page, asking members who were inspired by Fisher to send him a holiday card.

And just 10 days later, he has already received more than 300 cards from across the country.

Fisher served as principal from 1971 to 1991. He’s now 96 years old, and lives in Juniper Village Nursing Home in Forest Hills.

We got a chance to talk to him about what this means to him.

“It makes me feel good!,” Fisher said. “Of course, happy all the time that they recognized me as a good principal.”

Fisher and his wife can’t have any visitors because of COVID-19, but he said hearing from so many of his students brings him comfort during the holidays.