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Frustrated families wait hours for preordered Thanksgiving meals at Allegheny Co. restaurant

GREEN TREE, Pa. — Frustrated families waited hours for their preordered Thanksgiving meals from the Boston Market in Green Tree.

Customers told Channel 11 the restaurant was 2-3 hours behind their pickup windows for meals they ordered weeks ago.

Some people even resorted to getting out of line, canceling their orders and instead of turkey and all the trimmings, they had no choice but to order pizza.

The people we talked to said this was infuriating and it ruined their thanksgiving. They said Boston Market should have been better prepared, and if they couldn’t deliver, they shouldn’t offer this service.

“Terrible, I’m supposed to be spending time with my family on Thanksgiving. We have a zoom call scheduled in like 15 minutes with family out of town we can’t be with. And all of our plans are being upset by this,” Paul Barkowitz said.

“We ordered our food in advance. I thought they’d be ready. We paid in advance. I thought we’d walk up here in our 15 minute slot and get our food and be able to leave. From what I understand, they are literally hours behind,” said Barkowitz.

Some people said they gave up waiting and ordered pizza instead.

Lynette Bynum, who works at the restaurant, said there’s been a lot apologies.

“Running around making sure everyone is taken care of, but there are so many orders. There’s a lot of orders. It’s pretty hectic in there,” she said.

Bynum said the store is short-staffed and they just couldn’t keep up with demand.

Channel 11 reached out to the corporate offices. We’ll let you know what the company says when we hear back.