Gas line explosion forces evacuations, destroys home in Beaver County

CENTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The massive gas explosion in Beaver County jolted residents who live in the area right out of bed.

The explosion at the Energy Transfer line happened around 5 a.m. along Ivy Lane in Center Township.

PHOTOS: Gas line explosion in Center Township

Residents woke up to a loud noise that sounded like a freight train.

Channel 11 talked to several people who live near the gas explosion happened. Residents said flames and a bright orange glow lit up the night sky


Residents ran down the street to see what was going on and they were greeted by firefighters who were going door to door evacuating everyone.

“A major explosion, I thought it was a plane crash honestly. My wife and I jumped out of bed and it was just like a light. It looked like daylight. It was a ball of flame like I’ve never seen before,” resident Chuck Belczyk said.

One house was destroyed, and several cars were burned, officials said during a news conference.

Anyone who experiences property damage is urged to call Energy Transfer at 1-800-445-5846.