• Gov. Tom Wolf signs executive order on gun violence


    HARRISBURG, Pa. - Gov. Tom Wolf made it official and signed an executive order in Harrisburg to reduce gun violence. 

    Wolf was joined by several local and state lawmakers all with one goal in mind: keeping Pennsylvanians out of harm’s way.

    The order will put programs in place to curb gun violence throughout the commonwealth.

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    It’s broken down into the following parts: focusing on new oversight and data sharing, reducing community gun violence, combating mass shootings and addressing the rising number of gun-related domestic incidents including suicides.


    Wolf was supposed to sign the order Thursday,  but postponed if after six police officers were shot during a standoff in Philadelphia.

    People we spoke with have mixed feelings, but some see it as the first step toward change.

    “It’s gonna hurt because it’s gonna go down to the black market ya know, you’re gonna have a lot of people purchasing guns and doing things that takers doing now but it’s only gonna get worse,” Carl Turner said.

    “I think that he’s taking the right step in moving forward and I think that everybody should be on board for this,” Kristin Christopher said.


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