• Graduating senior upset school won't let her wear Army sash


    A father is frustrated after being told his daughter couldn't wear a U.S. army sash for her high school graduation.

    Wayne Kress' daughter Toni is graduating from Central Valley on June 1, and she's already signed enlistment papers to join the Army. But the school won't let her wear an Army sash.

    “I’m very disappointed in the school,” said Wayne Kress.

    Administrators told her it’s because it doesn’t match the school colors.

    Channel 11 did some digging through Central Valley's dress code as well as the graduation requirements, and we didn't find anything about wearing a sash for graduation.

    For Toni, it’s a matter of pride.

    “This is such a huge accomplishment for me,” she said. “Volunteering to fight for this country.”

    The school did not want to comment on the issue



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