Hempfield Township woman struggling to get back on her feet after losing home to crash

Hempfield Township, Pa — A car slammed into a home in Westmoreland County on May 3, narrowly missing a woman and child.

One week later, Amanda Clark and her children are still without a home and staying in a hotel, thanks to a stranger, for the next four days. She said that it’s been difficult getting back to normal.

“The fire department came and revoked occupancy which meant I was not allowed to be in the house,” explained Clark.

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State police say 4 teens were in the car ages 18 and 17. Two tried to take off but were apprehended, and police say, the teen behind the wheel didn’t have a license. The driver will be charged.

“We have nowhere to live, and nobody wants to be accountable for that,” explained Clark.

She says right now both of her kids desperately need a sense of stability.

“We have a lot of in-home therapy for both of my children and those have all been put on hold for this entire week because there’s nowhere to hold the sessions,” Clark said.

Clark said that a friend set up a GoFundMe account for her, which can be found by clicking here. So far they’ve raised $2,625. They’re hoping it’ll help them find a more permanent place to stay.