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Homeowner shoots man who allegedly used boulder to break into home

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. — A would-be burglar smashed into a home using a giant rock, but he didn't know the homeowner was inside with a gun, prepared to protect his family.

The homeowner is so scared, he went to get his concealed carry permit Monday.

“I looked at my phone and it was like two o'clock in the morning. Nobody should be here," said Bill Wright, who was caught off guard over the weekend by an unexpected visitor. “He started banging on the doors really hard and aggressively, started punching the doors.”

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Wright is still dealing with the effects of last week's ice storm, with no power and no lights.

“When he ran around the back and disappeared around the back I thought, this is going up another level,” Wright said. “And that's when I went and got my gun.”

The man behind the burglary, according to police paperwork, is Dustin Miller. According to police paperwork, Miller tried to kick in Wright's door. When he didn't get too far with that – he walked off.


When he came back, the homeowner claims he picked up a boulder, threw it into the door and shattered all the glass.

“I was only eight feet from him,” Wright said, which is when he said he fired two warning shots. But Miller continued to aggressively charge toward the him.

In fear for his and his wife's life, Wright told Channel 11 he had no choice but to shoot Miller in the leg.

Miller was taken to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment and released. 

He's now behind bars at the Butler County Prison.

“Turn your life around. Live your life...don't throw it away,” Wright said.

Miller is facing several charges, including burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and drug charges.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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