Homes flooded for third time in Bethel Park

Homes flooded for third time in Bethel Park

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — A water main break flooded at least two homes in Bethel Park Wednesday morning.

The break occurred on Logan Road, near Patterson Road, sending water downhill.

For the third time in three years, the Stegall family’s garage and basement were flooded. One previous instance of flooding was caused by another water main break, and the other was because of heavy rain.

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“Three years, three motorcycles, three lawnmowers … it’s a little bit of everything, and insurance never covers everything. It’s tough, a lot of sentimental things,” Ron Stegall said.

Wednesday was also the third time water flowed into a neighbor’s basement apartment, damaging just about all her belongings.

Crews are working to repair the broken 8-inch water main, which is affecting service for about 35 Pennsylvania American Water customers. Officials said restoration is expected by early Wednesday evening.