Knife confiscated from student at Bethel Park High School

Bethel Park High School student found with knife in classroom

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — Bethel Park School District officials said a student brought a knife to the high school on Thursday.

According to an email sent to parents, the knife was discovered when it fell out of the student's pocket during class.

Officials said the knife was immediately confiscated and the student was removed from class.

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School leaders said and at no time did the student make any threats with the knife.

As part of the letter to parents, the superintendent wrote, "Please take this opportunity to speak with your student about the importance of leaving anything that could be perceived as a threat to our schools at home, as they are not welcome in our schools."


The Bethel Park School District has dealt with a number of school threats this year.

The student who brought the knife on Thursday could face disciplinary action.