Leaders across Pennsylvania respond to President Biden’s address

PITTSBURGH — President Biden wants to reshape the U.S. economy: free community college, preschool and expanded access to child care.

He spoke to Congress and the American people Wednesday night about his plans and updates after his first 100 days in office.

The President’s main focus of his address and plan was to spend money on social problems and rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

In fact, in his first 10 minutes, he mentioned Pittsburgh and the importance of bringing manufacturing jobs into the Steel City.

Here is how leaders across the city and state are responding:

Governor Tom Wolf praised President Biden’s American Families Plan. Gov. Wolf released the following statement:

“The American Families Plan will break down barriers to success for low- and middle-income families. It will make crucial investments in the American people and pave the way for a sustained and equitable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My administration has made major investments in education in Pennsylvania, and this plan will build on our successes to help ensure that every student has access to a high-quality, affordable education – one that will set them up for success in life and in the workforce. The American Families Plan invests in pre-K and community college and seeks to make college more affordable for low- and middle-income students.

“The American Families Plan also calls for major investments that will help families thrive, including through providing high-quality child care at a price families can actually afford, establishing a paid family and medical leave program so all workers have access to sick days and paid leave, and improving access to healthy, nutritious food for children and families.

“Much like my budget plan for Pennsylvania this year, the American Families Plan makes these crucial investments at the same time that it extends and expands tax cuts for low- and middle-income individuals and families, by implementing tax reform to close existing loopholes and ensure that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

“Thank you, President Biden, for putting the needs of working individuals and families first with the American Families Plan. This plan invests in a better future for American families, and will make a big difference for Pennsylvanians.”

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement in response to President Biden’s first joint address to Congress:

“Over nearly 100 days, President Biden and Vice President Harris have worked to get the COVID-19 public health emergency under control, pass historic rescue legislation to provide relief for working families and lay out a vision for what ‘building back better’ is all about. During his address to a joint session of Congress, President Biden demonstrated that he and Democrats in Congress aren’t done making progress for working families and children. In addition to continuing our work to defeat COVID-19, Congress has an obligation pass the American Jobs Plan in order to rebuild our roads and bridges, invest in high-speed broadband for all Americans and ensure that seniors, individuals with disabilities and workers benefit from a historic investment in home and community-based services, especially to help the more than 16,000 Pennsylvanians on waiting lists. We must also pass the American Families Plan in order to provide economic security and opportunity to all working families.

“It includes a priority that I have worked on since I began serving in the U.S. Senate- investments in early learning and universal Pre-K. Early learning investments are essential to giving children a strong, smart start to their lives. When a child learns more earlier in life, they earn more later in our workforce. Together, these plans are what will allow our country to build back better. In just 100 days, the Biden-Harris Administration and Democrats in Congress have laid a foundation for change that will transform the lives of our families and children. It’s time to keep going.”

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted the following statement:

Allegheny Co. Executive Rich Fitzgerald tweeted that Pittsburgh Unions will help build needed infrastructure.