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Local Army veteran, mother of 3 needs liver donor before cancer takes over

PITTSBURGH — A local Army veteran and mother of three needs a new liver before her cancer takes over. Amy Marchewka said she needs someone with type “O” blood to help her.

“I remember telling my oldest son. And he just, he broke down crying. He had me crying,” Marchewka said.

She’s only 46 years old and never thought she’d be facing a life or death issue at this age. She served in the Army Reserves before being diagnosed with bile duct cancer last fall. The rare and aggressive form of cancer requires an immediate liver transplant. She is now on the waiting list at UPMC.

The mayor of Connellsville posted her story on social media to help spread the word. Others have brought meals and sent prayers her way, making Marchewka’s family realize the little things matter.

“Cherish every day. That’s how we look at it now and we’re hopeful but scare too at the same time,” said David Marchewka.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to participate in UPMC’s living donor program.

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