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Local councilman again charged with DUI

WASHINGTON, Pa. — A local councilman is charged with driving under the influence after he was allegedly found unconscious at the wheel, blocking traffic in the city of Washington.

Police said Matt Staniszewski was slurring his words, could barely walk and handed over his credit card when they asked for his driver’s license.

This all happened at 1 p.m., police said, and Channel 11's Cara Sapida learned this isn't the first time Staniszewski has faced similar charges.

He served six months in jail in 2008 following a DUI arrest.

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During that time the judge allowed him work release to attend council meetings. In 2018 he was cited for public drunkenness.

The mayor of Washington told Channel 11 the city's solicitor is looking into the case, but said Staniszewski is innocent until proven guilty.

Staniszewski ​​​​​​'s lawyer, Sean Logue, told Channel 11 that they are cooperating with the investigation and working within the court system and treatment programs to address all of the problems.


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