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Local man in desperate need of liver transplant

A Westmoreland County man needs a liver transplant. Without it, his wife said doctors at UPMC only gave him six months to live. Those six months are up, and now this is his final cry for help.

“Am I gonna get something to help here? If I don’t, that’s the end of me, and of our life together, you know. I love her so much,” Alvin Jaworski said.

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Alvin Jaworski and his wife Kathleen Jaworski are out of time.

“It’s really hard to see somebody that you have lived with for 28 years literally dying a little bit every day in front of your eyes,” Kathleen Jaworski said.

In the past few months, the state of Alvin Jaworski's liver has become worse.

“It’s like we’ve been through hell and back, so we’re still traveling that together, but God is with us,” Kathleen Jaworski said.

They had strangers rally around Alvin Jaworski, trying to get the word out months ago, but there is still no donor.

“I want Alvin to live. That’s why I’m advocating so very hard for him,” Kathleen Jaworski said.

And this might be their last chance.

“What’s really tough is worrying about whether I’m going to survive. You know, waiting on the liver, and if I can get a liver, a piece of a liver, I’ll be fine,” Alvin Jaworski said.

He hopes someone might hear him out this time around.

“Someone step forward and help me out so life can go on again. I know I can’t live forever, but the longer the better,” Alvin Jaworski said. 

Here are the requirements to be a liver donor for Jaworski:

  • 50 years or younger
  • In good health
  • O+ blood

Click here if you are interested in registering as a donor.