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A woman found a tripwire in her home and police think it was her husband, trying to kill her

DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Derry Township woman is safe after police say she found a tripwire in her home that was allegedly set by her own husband.

State police believe he was trying to kill her.

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Now William Dankesreiter, Jr. is facing attempted homicide charges and is in jail.

“It’s kind of mind boggling someone would do something so deviant to try and hurt someone," said state trooper Steve Limani with PSP Greensburg. “I don’t know how long he was thinking this through, but you could definitely see there was line tied across -- there was nothing accidental about this.”

Police said metal eye hooks secured a clear string about three inches above the carpet right at the door that led to the basement. It was concealed by the trim, and below were 10 wooden steps and a concrete landing on the other end.

According to investigators, Dankesreiter’s wife did trip on it, but she was able to catch her balance. She made out with only a clear mark across her foot from the wire.

However, she allegedly told police she has endured verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her husband for some time.

Investigators said the victim was in the process of filing for a PFA against Dankesreiter, but he is now in the Westmoreland County Prison on a $500,000 bond.